Killer at the Cimarron Social Club Kansas 1889

65 years after the events that transpired in Arkalon, Kansas Leonie Stanton brings her grandson back to the place she met his grandfather, now a ghost town. The story is not one he expected to hear or she ever wanted to tell. Long dead secrets deserve to stay buried with the bodies.
January,1889 Planning to retire from working on her back, Lila Byrne arrives to take up at a quiet house where she can decide what to do after the gold fields of Colorado made her a fortune. What she finds in the walls of the Cimarron Social Club is dire, and not for the lack of customers. All that is a trivial concern when they wake up trapped in a prairie storm to a find a dead woman encased in the ice outside and it's not likely an accident. When Lila finds that wasn't the only woman to die who came to the house and even a stranger comments Lila could be sisters with the dead, trying to stay alive long enough to escape the ice is the only concern.

Havana Holiday 1939 Cuba

5 stories, 4 days, 3 nights, 2 times the fun, and 1 heck of a good time. Dahlia, Eve, Nora, Alice, and Marianne; when five women who work together in depression era Boston save up for a trip of a lifetime to decadent Havana, anything can happen. With seductive Latin men and rich vacationers at every turn who wouldn't enjoy dancing till dawn, the parties, the nightclubs, the beach, the gambling, and there's always more than one side to a story.

Misery by Stockade Bay Washington State 1896

In the Crisis of 1893, Orcas Island was insignificant in the troubles that gripped the rest of the country. The effects were no less felt there after a push to turn the island into an orchard paradise meant that fruit rotted off the trees when no one was able to buy them. It was the same year Hattie Campbell's worthless husband died. After three years of struggling and no marriage prospects worth considering leaves Hattie caring for an invalid and manipulative mother alone, she makes the audacious decision to put an ad in the Seattle paper. With the Exclusion Act less than a decade old she never imagines a Chinese man named Zhan Tse would answer the ad for a husband. Both of them need a home, but Hattie never realized just how much she would need someone when he finds her brutally attacked under the apple trees that no longer support her.

The Secrets of Coromandel House England 1857

Tara Montague arrives on the Bristol docks 4 months after her father pushed her on a cargo ship...the day the Sepoy Mutiny started in India. The first word she receives from home is her father is dead; and the second, the aunt she was supposed to live with has died two years before. Not the best start when living in two worlds. The horrors of Cawnpore and Lucknow are filling the papers and she had an Indian mother. Both sides have reason to want her dead. Why has her father sent her to a country she has never seen? Feeling betrayed yet again after he already arranged a disastrous marriage, on the verge of being a penniless widow, Tara is alone. Her main concern is survival in a strange country where most look at her with suspicion. Tara has questions and suspicions of her own...but who can she trust?

Murder beside the Salish Sea 1945 Washington State

Just as Brock Harker starts having trouble dealing with the 85 missions he’s flown, he gets reassigned home when they want to rotate him out of combat duty. But that doesn’t mean he’s out of the war. Home is the only clue to finding his wife Amy even if he hadn’t heard from her since before Pearl Harbor. After all he was in China with the Flying Tigers when the war started and she’s half Japanese. Coming home, even to find her, isn’t a pleasant thought though. He was thrown out for even announcing he was engaged. There are only more questions when his wife ends up in the only place she should never be. Home with the man that threw him out. Then, when they find his father dead after an argument, he’s considered a prime suspect. No one is who they seem to be as the clues unravel and more bodies pile up. Finding his wife turns out to be the least of his worries now as everything he knows about home comes into question. Even his father. More than murder hides in the mist.


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A Ruined Season England 1814

Sophie Greenwood went to London to have her season hoping to find a husband. If only they had told her that her father had lost all his money, but gossip spreads quickly around London and already everyone knew Baron Canmore's scandal. Now two years later, will Sophie ruin another season? No one seems to want to make staying scandal-free an easy task. Almost everywhere she turns someone is trying to make her the laughing stock. Fleeing London once more seems to be her only option. What hope is there for a life of her own?

Mayhem at Mount Baker Lodge 1930 Washington State

Claire Halliday did kill the man she worked for, but then he was trying to kill her.  If only the club she worked for wasn't owned by the mob, she might have had a chance at claiming self-defense. The burlesque club was about as bad as the orphanage she'd been raised in. Then again, the depression made any job worth keeping as she struggled to build a film career. Only another dancer pulling her out of there kept her free of the Mafia's grasp. The first train out of Hollywood was to Seattle, the first train leaving Seattle was to Bellingham. Mount Baker Lodge, 60 miles in the wilderness, should have been the perfect place to hide, but the next morning when she wakes up in the arms of another guest they find an early snowfall has trapped them with a killer.  The professor shouldn't have died.  Even if the tarot cards Claire played with had shown it would happen, an accident, illness perhaps, but not murder.  Mayhem indeed.

A New Beginning 1869 New Mexico

Emma's life hasn't been easy, but when she got married nine years earlier it was supposed to get better. Then the Civil War happened leaving her alone with Charlie, Jacob's son and little else. Six months together in all that time before he announces they have a new home in Cimarron, New Mexico. What else should she expect but him leaving her in the house alone again the very day they arrive. But when Jacob gets himself killed it starts a new beginning, if only they had a way to keep food on the table. 
And Matt Colton riding up with cattle solves more than one problem. Is it possible to trust a man so good looking after what Jacob put her through? One part says yes, but the other doesn't have a chance to find out before Jacob's past is looking for her to pay his debts.

The Sailor's Wife England 1818

Tanley's boring life on Saint Michael's Mount gets a lot more complicated when a man is washed up on the beach. With her father dead, the neighbor smuggling, and a knife wound in the man's shoulder she's all alone with a whole lot of trouble. 

At least she's not stuck getting rid of a body when he wakes up at long last, but delivering papers for the government to help pay the debt after the war with Napoleon makes the stakes higher than just a little smuggling. Alone with James though temptation is hard to resist, if only getting caught didn't bring up a whole new set of problems.

Samburu Hills 1907 Kenya

When Celeste Reed steps off the boat in the fledgling colony of Kenya, East Africa she finds out the man that she was to marry doesn't even care to get to know her let alone listen to a word she says.

Life is miserable and then he has the nerve to die leaving her to run an estate without any money. It seems he spent all he had to impress the colony and she was just part of the package.

Africa is unforgiving to the weak, but it can be the people that you least expect that make it.


And then there's Edward.

Ghosts in the Night 1923 Ceylon

Philip Townsend survived the trenches only to come home to find most of his family had died in their relative safety.  When the last uncle dies and leaves him a plantation in far off Ceylon, he drops his life in London and sets out for a new life.  Only he finds out the past doesn’t let him go so easily.  With a lay about friend tagging along, and not to mention a case of shell shock that brings to mind the war at every turn, he’s more ghost than man.  But the woman across the way, as much a ghost as he, is able to help the visions of war as everything he knows is falling apart.  Digging up long dead secrets is the only option and it’s enough to get them killed.

Perils in Polynesia 1939 South Pacific

After somehow bringing the World Traveler down without killing the passengers JP Jemison is stuck on American Samoa until the parts can be found to fix the plane. With WW2 looming island jumping to make some money and find the parts gets to be more dangerous all the time. It doesn't help that Mark McPherson is more than willing to make the wait more pleasurable, but when his past catches up with him going home is the only option. And then it really gets exciting.

Egyptian Nights/Egyptian Days 2000 BC Egypt

When Victoria Bredehorst, a modern day woman, is killed by her husband, she wakes to find her soul has been switched by the gods of Ancient Egypt. Thrown back in time to a strange place, she finds herself sharing the body of Mayati, the wife of Khaemhat, one of the priests of Osiris. The normally charismatic and powerful Khaemhat is just as surprised when Mayati opens her eyes. Only hours before he had watched her die in childbirth. He had been holding vigil over her, whispering prayers and hoping for a miracle. Khaemhat quickly learns that things aren't as they appear. Although his wife's body has returned, her soul is gone. The body he knew so well is now occupied by another woman, a woman he becomes increasingly intrigued by, a woman who is increasingly drawn to him. Khaemhat is everything that Victoria's husband, Neil, was not. Everything that she wished he had been. As time passes and Victoria's attraction to Khaemhat grows, the ancient past becomes much more real and desirable than the modern day present she left behind. Is Victoria's life truly over or is it just starting? Jennifer Mueller delivers a unique story in Egyptian Nights. You'll find yourself transported along with Victoria to the banks of the Nile and a time long past. And, you'll find yourself believing. Believing that even in death, beginnings can happen.


Four years have passed since Victoria Bredehorst was killed by an abusive husband, her soul transported back in time to Ancient Egypt and into the body of Mayati, wife of Khaemhat, Priest of Osiris. Fate steps in once again when a neighbor is killed and Mayati is framed for the murder. As the mystery unravels and Victoria fights to prove her innocence, she discovers that Mayati's life was filled with secrets-secrets dangerous enough to inspire revenge and motivate someone to murder. Will Victoria successfully unlock the key to the past in time to save her new-found future?

Breath of the Desert 1803 Morocco

Captured as a slave in North Africa, her father killed; there was little else that Aubreigh could imagine to make her life worse. When she's sold to a man she never sees, there is only one reason she must have been purchased. Just the sound of his voice was enough to make her forget she offered herself to him to prevent incurring his wrath, but he refuses her outright. 

Only when they are thrown together on a trek across the Sahara does she start finding out the man's secrets. Everything she knows of life changes in the presence of Alaeddine ibn Manad.

An Arrangement among Gentlemen 1915 Canada

Left with just enough to make the trip after her father dies Olivia travels across a dangerous ocean during WW1 to marry a man she never met. Even worse Cort was never told until the morning they went to go pick her up at the train station that an arrangement has been made. Now the entire family seems to be trying to keep her from even talking to the man they want her to marry while a younger brother just wants her for himself. All that changes when a blizzard traps them together with no family to interfere.

Behind the Mask 1453 Italy

Left for five months the day after her wedding in renaissance Florence what is to stop Ilaria from asking a stranger to give her the pleasure her husband denies her, especially when the masks from the ball give her the freedom from discovery. 

Crusader 1198 France

After 4 years in a Saracen prison Luc L'villebois returns to France to find that the life he knew was gone. Among other things the woman he loves has vanished off the face of the earth. Tracking her down is harder than Luc thought when the man that sent him into the crusades wants him dead.

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