Underground Life

Underground Life: The Sub Terra Vita Chronicles began in 2015 as a newspaper column in The Sun of Osceola, WI. It has continued since 2017 in www.normalcymag.com . Reflecting on an individual and DNA (“damn near anarchist”) viewpoint, Underground Life offers one person's perspective on having personal empathy, and the golden rule, as a departure point for a better future. Based on the Golden Credo of Cepiaclub, the first principle says: “We live on this earth first and only to love and help our fellow humans. Period.” That credo comes through in this collection of essays, some of them on moderate political-economy from the point of ethics and principle, but mostly about the author's social and cultural experiences of living in and around the St. Croix Valley for nearly 50 years. Even if readers do not agree with most or anything the author writes, this book gives some points and insights that might make people think.

The Mad Tales

I knew Pi Kielty. Pi Kielty owes me money. I spent untold shillings at the Salty Dawg, where Pi Kielty drank as much ale as your money could buy, leading a band of miscreants bent on raising heck. There was always a promise of repayment, but you knew it wasn’t happening, and anyway, the prospect of heck-raising made it a worthy investment. And then he was gone. All we are left with are this collection of stories. We are reminded that life is to be lived, that family and friends are to be cherished, and that the written word is to be savored. Savor the words found on these pages. Pi Kielty gave his life for them.


A short volume of pories, stoems, and psalms by Pi Kielty.

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