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Night, a very short tale

A cold wind blows through the aspens tonight as I long for you holding me close. Wolves howl out of the darkness as a moose browses lazily with its young, breaking the song of the wind in the trees. The moon reflects in the lake below me and all I see is your face. I sit on the front steps wearing your shirt, one that smells so much of you. The song that was on the radio as you walked out of the door - it seems so long ago – runs through my head.

The fall breeze hits my face, bringing the smell of the pines to me, but all I think of is you. After so many years alone, dreaming of someone to love me the way that I am, you came like a dream with a promise - you by my side - in our cabin deep in the woods with the pines standing guard. Off in the distant horizon I see a storm moving in, the lightening faint at first, but soon becoming jagged pitchforks of light. The cold wind blows my hair behind me and I start to chill. I pull your shirt around me to ward off the night air.

At first I'm mistaken, but no- your headlights are coming up the leaf covered road tunneled in by the trees with their smoky fall colors of red, orange, and yellow. When you stop, you see me in the brilliant flash of lightening as the storm moves closer. The thunder hits as you get out and walk toward me, your boots noisy on the fallen leaves. A wolf howls again calling his pack together as you look me in the eyes. You have seen this so many times before, the look of me alone, the look I had for so long before you came to me with your promise. You pull me close and hold me tight; the chill goes away even though the storm blows against my back.

You know what happens on nights like this as I wait for your return. It has an easy remedy - just you by my side and all is well again - in our cabin deep in the woods with the pines standing guard.

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