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Kapheira Press opens its doors.

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I've been around the ebook publishing business since 2005 in this business I'm a dinosaur practically. I've been with a dozen publishers, some have shut thier doors, some have gone bankrupt, some I've known more than they did about marketing and well what's the point then. In that line I'm going more toward self publishing and in that I'm starting Kapheira Press. I didn't know what to call it until someone mentioned Steven King named a publishing company after a town he used in a number of books. Well I certainly have enough books and there was one place that I had woven through a number of stories. Kapheira. A fictional island in the Aegean owned these days by a character in several stories. It could have been Gold Springs too but Kapheira was more exotic sounding. I will be releasing the first book Murder beside the Salish Sea at Books on the Bay to take place in September, 2013. Mentions of Kapheira are in this book too even though it takes place in Bellingham, WA.

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