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Murder beside the Salish Sea

Ever want something exciting to happen in your town, that's just what I did writing Murder beside the Salish Sea. Not that Bellingham, WA isn't close to sea and mountains, a boat ride from the San Juan Islands, good shopping, great restaurants, but its slogan is the city of Subdued Excitement. Sitting here in the mist of winter I dreamed of more happening here. Bellingham really did have an Army Airfield that shuttled planes to Russia through the lend lease program and that's where the adventure started. Brock Harker popped to life in that adventure, and intrigue, spies, murder, red herrings soon followed. Murder beside the Salish Sea took on an old pulp fiction/film noir feel, a feeling I kept through the cover.

Brock is only back in Bellingham because 85 bombing missions start to get to him mentally. It's the dying days of the war in Europe so he's sent stateside, but not demobbed. He requested it, he hasn't heard from his wife in years. One little problem she's half Japanese, she could be locked up for all he knows and no idea where. Thrown out for telling his father they were engaged, no one knew they had secretly married. That was back before there was war, he couldn't get a job after university and Amaya, Amy to everyone, had to finish school. He joined the Air Corps since he already knew how to fly while Amy went back to school in Seattle. Then the Flying Tigers offered three times the money to head to China. That's where the whole world fell apart. He was there when Pearl Harbor changed the home he left. That was the last time he heard from his wife. Hoping to track her down with a Seattle address the last clue he had from 4 years before, it was supposed to be a simple posting.

Them Amy walks in to the one place she shouldn't be, his father's house. With a son at that. His son, a parting gift the last time he saw her before China. All the problems he worried about were solved, and all the ones hiding in the mist started to fall into place. When his father is found dead only a day later, nothing is simple anymore. The entire hotel seems to have a secret to hide, even his wife. Black market smuggling is just the tip of the iceberg they have to melt to find out what happened. What comes out turned Brock's entire life on its head. Spies, murder, intrigue, there's nothing subdued in this story.

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