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No you aren't seeing things, its Easter Eggs!

No not that kind. When I originally started writing everything was separate, dozens of books and stories all in separate worlds. But at some point a character in one book made sense in another and then all heck broke loose. Why not have all these various people running around in the same city and the same time period meet. The books coming out now have hidden people from the vast world I've written in popping up all over the place. So without further ado the list of all the Easter eggs as some call them, no you aren't seeing things!

Havana Holiday Just a tale about 5 women on vacation in Havana, but then Henry Dunham shows up, he's uncle to Matt Dunham that will show up in Return of the Wolf. Kapheira is an island I created and even named my press after. An island the Dunham family bought in the 1820's and have ruled as prince ever since. Marianne McKenna will appear as a very old woman in House of Mist and Sea, and finally Henry's full history will come out. Lindo Hotels have property on the island many decades later, but few know the connection.

History Lessons A series of stories about the same family, the Duke's of Cairnmuir who own the castle Am Binnean and have since 1179. It has stories from all 900 years of the family history. Edward and Rose start the regency period, and they'll show up in The Sailor's Wife and the Hussar's Wife. Stories about two friends of Edwards that both fought in the war with Napoleon. Matt Dunham gives a quick appearance, not yet prince of the island. He finally gets the woman he wants in A Wolf to the End. Magda Starek has a part too, she appears in Murder beside the Salish Sea as well.

Ghosts in the Night A story about a man who inherits a plantation in Ceylon from a father he doesn't know. The Dancers' Secret a short story I will have out in a collection soon the father is the boss of Richard Ainsworth. The list of men that Randolph Ainsworth gets to investigate during the book are the names of various characters in books set in England. Kittridge for instance is the family from A Ruined Season

The Mountaintop A story about a slave sold to an ancient Greek family. She's from Kapheira back in the days it was called Glunea.

Crusader A story about a man come back from the crusades years later to find the woman he left behind. He meets the Count D'Aspremont, the title many years later will marry into the Dukes of Cairnmuir family.

A Little Roman Scandal It's actually the whole story of how the island of Kapheira ends up Roman and the Prince of Kapheira starts.

Perils in Polynesia The adventures of a female pilot just before WW2 breaks out. The pilot is JP Jemmison who will come back as a very old woman in Never turn your back on a wolf. She's Mrs. MacPherson though and the Grandmother of Margaret that works for Ethane. Her husband is the one that started Raynsford College in Gold Springs.

A New Beginning A story about a woman who finds out her worthless husband is even more worthless after he's killed. But the man she moves on with is Matt Colton, the ancestor of Sam Colton that appears in Never turn your back on a wolf. And John and Elizabeth Stanton that she meets in the book are the couple that starts the Wolf Mountain Horse Company.

The Sailor's Wife The above mentioned continuation of one short in History Lessons. Tanley, the Countess of Moerhab, and James Dunham marry, bringing Matt Dunham his highest English title. Her Father's Daughter currently out of print is the story of how the Moerhab title started in 1069.

The Hussar's Wife A story not out yet that picks up with another friend of Edward Sinclair from History Lessons. You'll recognize Tessa Leighton mentioned when Edward and Rose were yet unmarried. You'll also catch up with William and Sophie Kittridge from A Ruined Season, not all of Williams business excuses were so mundane. He was actually taking care of Rhys back from the peninsula after he argued with his family.

The Angel of Bellyferriter introduces Dillon Riordan, the son of the heroine. Dillon appears again as a soccer player in A Prince of Ruins that shows how Matt Dunham inherits the title Prince of Kapheira.

All my Dreams a story about a widow that meets a movie star and her whole life is turned upside down. Derek gets a quick mention as a suitable actor in A wolf to the End. he was going to be the actor in the movie being filmed in the book, but when Isobel started disliking him I changed it.

Return of the Wolf the book that started it all, in writing it there was never supposed to be a cross over, but after putting Gold Springs through so much trouble it just seemed that there had to be more of an international conspiracy going on. Who better to be involved than one of the richest men in the world and owner of an island where anything could happen. Toward the end Matt mentions going to Ghana which ends up in a whole other story, House of Mist and Sea.

A Wolf to the End The finale of the Wolf Mountain Series, Matt finally gets the woman he wants, and that unlocks clues to finally ending the whole crime spree surrounding Sasha.

Isobel, Hunter, and all the Sinclairs are of course appearing. But so is Abenaa a character in House of Mist and Sea.

Footnotes to History is the follow up to History Lessons in modern day terms. It features Rowanne who is revealed to be a former girlfriend of Dillon Riordon in Prince of Ruins. And Augustine Starek plays a role, he's the son of Magda who was in History lessons as well as Murder beside the Salish Sea. It is soon to be released.

There are a few that need a bit more work to get back out. Far from home is set in the Byzantine Empire, and the heroine Aureliana who is an attendant for the Empress, is from Kapheira an island not far away from the Dardanelles. Beauty and the Spy, features an American in Athens during the cold war, she speaks Greek because her family has left Kapheira after WW2 for more opportunities. She goes back after the hero leaves. Warrior a very short story was a tale about a Roman soldier ending up in Wrathe which is the Duke of Cairnmuirs' land when it was ruled by the Picts. That's how they name the whiskey that they start producing in History Lessons.

That'a all for now, but I'm still writing so who knows.

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