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Bohemian Rhapsody 2018! Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend

Pulpwood Queens and TImber Guys is a massive book club that has some 750 chapters both in the US and abroad, run by Kathy Murphy. Last year I was invited to speak about my water tank project in Kenya, this year I was invited as an AUTHOR! With authors like Alice Hoffman, Jamie Ford, Lisa Wingate, Alyson Richman, poor little old me was in some lofty company indeed.

After the first day of Author talks this is us hippying it up to serve the readers, yes costumes are required.

The second day was my turn to talk about my series Mystery on Wolf Mountain. Up on stage with James Conroyd Martin, Sara Dahman, Gregory Erich Phillips and me of course.

And then of course there is the finally, the great big ball of hair ball. My hair is impossible to do big, but I blinged it up as bohemian as I could.

And the book of the year made the local news!!

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