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covers of books one, two and and three in The Tales of Am Binnean

Fiction for a long winters night!

cover of For the Love of history
cover of History lessons
cover of footnotes to history

For the Love of History


Since 1183 the Sinclair Family of Wrathe has lived on a little island off the very north of Scotland. As first the Lords of Wrathe and then the Dukes of Cairnmuir they have seen Kings come and go in a troubled land. With the winds of another war on the horizon, Lorne Sinclair heads home for one last Christmas before shipping off to the Malay. But a castle on the edge of the world isn't a haven from the real world even for a future duke. At least there are tales from the past to distract from the knife hanging over the party in 1938. Then again, a historian and novelist looking for lost family jewels can always liven things up.


Stories in this volume include 1206, 1453, 1424, 1588, 1793, 1638, 1554 


History Lessons


Ayda Rogers can't believe her luck, she's been invited to a Scottish castle for the summer to research her Doctoral thesis. When she gets there she finds with 800 years of history to contend with, the past is always present. Steamy tales of previous castle owners meld within the modern story as she learns all she needs for her paper. And sometimes its not the past but the present which makes you change your whole way of thinking, especially when it comes in the form of the future Duke named Hunter.


Stories in the volume include 1327, 1815, 1714, 1943, 1183

Footnotes to History


When Ayda and Hunter find a stoned up staircase leading to a hidden room it doesn't take long to realize that there is more than one story forgotten to the ages.
But with no art to drop the clues for Ayda she calls in Rowanne, an expert in medieval history and a long time friend for help. That's when its Hunters' brother Lorne's chance to be smitten and to tell all the family stories. From a Restoration actress and spy to an American heiress in trouble, there's always a surprise for the newcomer.


Stories in this volume include 1665, 1761, 1846, 1520, 1291

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