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Mystery on Wolf Mountain Series


For 160 years the Stanton's have always been on Wolf Mountain, even before Montana was a state. Now times have changed, they're still there but selling horses isn't so easy anymore and with 700,000 acres of land and 20,000 horses to worry about every penny counts.  Sitting in their mountain valley they've overlooked the town of Gold Springs before it was even named for the gold it pulled out of the ground and now the rock they've always counted on is in trouble too when murder comes to town. 

never turn your back on a wolf

Never turn your Back on a Wolf


Gold Springs, Montana was recently rocked by the murder of Cole Dennison, owner of Western Mining, the main town employer.  Mr. Dennison was found in his house with his throat cut. The first suspect should have been his recently estranged fiancée, however her incarceration in jail for breaking his jaw rather clears her name.  Sasha Stanton, owner of the Wolf Mountain Horse Company, was released for lack of case with the victim of her anger dead.  More shocking to find though is that the mine Mr. Dennison owned is out of gold.  Miss Stanton who until her father died had been away from town is the sole beneficiary of the will, a complete fluke since Cole had no chance to change it before his death.  Gold Springs being a company town is now owned by Miss Stanton.  In that one fact the town might have a chance at not imploding.  Local Lawyer Ethane Brandt has been helping with Miss Stanton’s investigation into the mine’s irregularities since the police have been arresting her employees and friends for the crime.  Sheriff Harland Lang would be wise to not antagonize her.  It could only end badly if the State Police are called in.  Corruption rumors have been circulating for some time.

a wolf by any other name
A Wolf by any Other Name



Big excitement came to Gold Springs in the form of outdoor clothing company Wilderness Brothers shooting their winter catalog.  Everything in town looked a little less grim with the stage set for world renowned photographer Ichiro Kikugawa. The Grand Hotel after years of being closed has reopened to house the models. Even the old hot springs hotel has been pressed into service and opened once more under the name Damnation Creek Hotel and Spa.  It's rather unfortunate the murder of the fashion shoot coordinator Eve Hanlon has cast a shadow on the one bright note since the mine closed taking with it the jobs of 2/3rds of the town. Sasha Stanton has been working hard to trying and save the company town she inherited, but the longer it drags on the less it seems anything will help. Gold Springs is just another town suffering in the housing crash and recession.

return of the wolf pulpwood queen book club pick
Return of the Wolf


Breaking news!  The FBI has arrived in Gold Springs.  It seems that an embezzler from back east has fled to the Wolf Mountain Horse Company's new hunting camps in an effort to flee the country. Sasha Stanton has returned from her travels using all her business doctor know how to relieve our dying town's trouble and is helping the FBI track the fugitive before he can reach the Canadian border. Everyone surely remembers the three months Sasha lived on the ranch evading the best trackers when she was 13 though by the talk this reporter heard the agent in charge looks like he doesn't think Sasha's help of any use.  She's especially involved though, more than just as an unwanted guide, the murder of Daniel Red Crow and the wounding of Ben Thundercloud in the man's flight from justice has made it personal for Sasha. With her grandmother being part of the Thundercloud family, both victims are relations of Sasha.  No backward old-school agent is going to stop her, the wolf we all know might finally have returned. Our condolences to the family.  It's a pity though that in the midst of murder and manhunts, Ethane Brandt has returned. It has been the gossip since Sasha started her travels that the two had married in secret before Ethane was shipped off to Afghanistan.  As a major in the reserves who had served in the country during the original invasion, his orders didn't come as a shock even if the word of a wedding did.  

a wofl to the end
A Wolf to the End


After Wolf Mountain Horse Company stallion Blackfoot Jess won the Kentucky Derby a few weeks ago, all eyes are on the running of the race at Preakness. But once again Gold Springs own Sasha Brandt has run into trouble, not of her own making. Jess vanished from his stall apparently stolen. With only a few minutes head start a search found the Derby champion, only the dead body locked in with him made things take a turn for the worse. At this point in the investigation, the body is still unidentified, the motive is unclear, but Jess will still run for the Black-Eyed Susan’s later today. If he wins he could be the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years. No jokes about a murderous horse, the only thing that can be said about the gruesome incident is that the victim was stabbed before being locked in with Jess and another horse. A strobe light left in with them was clearly intended to rile the horses up and hide all evidence a human hand was involved.

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