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Taken from the diaries and cuttings of Scarlett Abercromby herself
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After 2 years apart due to the fighting in Soudan and 10 years with Gideon Abercromby, Major in the Cameron Highlanders, his wife Scarlett steps foot in the land of the pharaohs. A world so different than the one she had known as an abused wife. Of course, the first thing she does is see a god of a man whose blue eyes tempt her into thoughts of everything but Gideon Abercromby. Nothing more than a passing thought until she realizes she was brought to Egypt to be killed out of sight of anyone at home. Why wouldn't she beg one night of pleasure before death? Saved from an accident on the pyramids themselves and whisked from Gideon trying again on a trip down the Nile, divorce was suddenly the least scandalous part of her new life as Eve Marlowe when he turns up dead. Now if only she could enjoy a new life, but what got him killed is more worrying than his attempt on her life. The fact Gideon was seen talking with the father of one of her saviors is perhaps the biggest worry, even worse that he’s a Prince who owns some island called Kapheira. Things would be so much simpler if she wasn’t amongst the titled of England with all of society and the gossip pages watching their every move. But when she caught sight of Jack Kittridge all bets were off and she would follow him anywhere.  Scandal Indeed.

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Recently arrived in London after a whirlwind month taking Venice and Paris by storm Eve Marlowe just wants to have a season like all young women do. That the month on the continent just made her the most sought after woman across Europe is beside the point. The Abercromby Scandal that embroiled her in Egypt threatens to destroy the new life that she has fought to live once free of the yoke of Gideon Abercromby. Now in the circle of Princes and Dukes though any misstep could spell doom for a woman very unused to freedom. Jack Kittridge is the only thing that keeps her sane as her husband was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the scandal he tried killing her to hide. So many secrets being kept hidden to let boys be boys. There's only one woman men like that will listen to in such matters. Queen Victoria herself.

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From Jack Kittridge's Sketchbook Egypt 1900

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