Sumer 3000 bc

2 cups of dates, pitted 2 cups of pistachio nuts, shelled

Mash the dates into a smooth paste. You can use a mortar and pestle, a food processor, or just chop them with a knife. Separately, grind or pound the pistachio nuts.

Combine half the ground pistachio nuts with the date paste and mix well. Roll the mixture into small, uniform balls (wet your fingers to make them easier to smooth and handle). Then, take the remaining pistachio nuts and spread them out on a dish or piece of wax paper. Roll each mersu in the ground nuts, patting gently all around to ensure the nuts stick.

Sumeria 3000 BC

I haven't posted a new update on my cooking through the ages series of posts, but looking into the Sumerians for a new work-- I know vampires but there were tales of demons inhabiting people back then and needing blood to sustain their link to the living and I've run with that instead of your biting Transylvanian sort. Mines 5000 years old kept alive by the demon inside her and while she's attacked in a New York speakeasy to start it moves to Belgium since she's on the run from another vampire who had her imprisoned because she's the last of her kind. Currently its titled Woman of the Moon God.

Lamb with Licorice and Juniper Berries

As it was written in ancient clay tablets. “Leg of mutton, but no other meat is used. Prepare water; add fat; dodder [wild licorice] as desired; salt to taste; cypress [juniper berries]; onion; samidu [semolina]; cumin; coriander; leek and garlic, mashed with kisimmu [sour cream or yogurt]. It is ready to serve.”

A modern version


Leg of mutton



Wild licorice


Juniper Berries

Onion (sliced)




Leek and garlic (mashed)

Sour Cream


Combine wild licorice, cumin, coriander, leek, garlic, and salt in a shallow bowl. Set aside.

Remove any gristle from the sheep fat.

Begin boiling a pot of water over an open flame. While the water is still heating up, add several globs of fat to the water and stir until mixed.

Add the mixture of wild licorice, cumin, coriander, leek, garlic, and salt to the water and bring to a boil.

Add the mutton.

When the meat is cooked all the way through, remove the pot from the heat. Mix sour cream into the broth and serve.

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