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Havana Holiday Happy Hour

Cuba, 1930’s

Havana Special 2 oz White Rum 2 oz pineapple juice Dash of Maraschino Shake well and pour over crushed ice, garnish with tropical fruit.

Mojito recipe - the original authentic recipe 1 teaspoon powdered sugar 2 oz Juice from 1 lime 4 mint leaves 1 sprig of mint 2 oz White rum 2 ounces club soda Place the mint leaves into a long mojito glass and squeeze the juice from a cut lime over it. You'll want about two ounces of lime juice, so it may not require all of the juice from a single lime. Add the powdered sugar, then gently smash the mint into the lime juice and sugar with a muddler. Add ice (preferably crushed) then add the rum and stir, and top off with the club soda. Garnish with a mint sprig.

El Hemingway 2 oz dark rum 2 oz. grapefruit juice Juice from 1/2 lime Crushed ice Pour the other ingredients over crushed ice in a blender and blend well.

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