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Secrets of Coromandel House Walnut Ketchup

England, 1857

200 g Salt 25 g Whole peppercorns 1 1/4 ml Ground nutmeg 400 g Onions; chopped 15 g Whole allspice berries 10 Green walnuts 2 l Vinegar 2 1/2 ml Cloves

Walnuts for pickling or ketchup must be picked before the shell has hardened. In England this usually means that picking must take place before the first week in July. Prick well with a stainless-steel fork; if the shell can be felt - and it begins forming opposite the stalk, about 5 mm from the end - do not use the walnut. Combine all ingredients except the walnuts in a large saucepan or preserving pan. Bring to the boil. Meanwhile, wearing gloves to protect your hands from staining, cut up the walnuts, crush them and put them in a large heat-proof bowl. Pour the boiling mixture over them and leave for 14 days in a cool place, stirring daily. Strain the liquid into a clean saucepan, and discard the solids in the strainer. Bring the liquid to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for about 1 hour. Heat sufficient clean bottles to hold the ketchup; prepare vinegar-proof seals. Fill the hot bottles, leaving a head space. Seal the bottles immediately. Label when cold.

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