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Egyptian Nights/ Egyptian Days


2000 bc

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When Victoria Bredehorst, a modern day woman, is killed by her husband, she wakes to find her soul has been switched by the gods of Ancient Egypt. Thrown back in time to a strange place, she finds herself sharing the body of Mayati, the wife of Khaemhat, one of the priests of Osiris. The normally charismatic and powerful Khaemhat is just as surprised when Mayati opens her eyes. Only hours before he had watched her die in childbirth. He had been holding vigil over her, whispering prayers and hoping for a miracle. Khaemhat quickly learns that things aren't as they appear. Although his wife's body has returned, her soul is gone. The body he knew so well is now occupied by another woman, a woman he becomes increasingly intrigued by, a woman who is increasingly drawn to him. Khaemhat is everything that Victoria's husband, Neil, was not. Everything that she wished he had been. As time passes and Victoria's attraction to Khaemhat grows, the ancient past becomes much more real and desirable than the modern day present she left behind. Is Victoria's life truly over or is it just starting? Jennifer Mueller delivers a unique story in Egyptian Nights. You'll find yourself transported along with Victoria to the banks of the Nile and a time long past. And, you'll find yourself believing. Believing that even in death, beginnings can happen.

Four years have passed since Victoria Bredehorst was killed by an abusive husband, her soul transported back in time to Ancient Egypt and into the body of Mayati, wife of Khaemhat, Priest of Osiris. Fate steps in once again when a neighbor is killed and Mayati is framed for the murder. As the mystery unravels and Victoria fights to prove her innocence, she discovers that Mayati's life was filled with secrets-secrets dangerous enough to inspire revenge and motivate someone to murder. Will Victoria successfully unlock the key to the past in time to save her new-found future?

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